Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS)

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Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS)

GPUonCLOUD partners with customers to build artificial intelligence based solutions and helps in solving some of the unique challenges in various industries such as Healthcare, BFSI, Retail & Manufacturing.Planning & designing an appropriate AI/ML stack powered with effective & efficient parallel compute engines – is the key to solving unique challenges – leveraging next generation compute and developing  targeted software solutions.

AI for Healthcare

Speed up clinical & diagnostic research, Provide Predictive and Prescriptive treatments to complex diseases, Fuel Biotech and Edge for demand supply


Enable Fraud detection, Lower credit defaults, Automate loan lending, Ease Algorithmic Trading, Target specific Insurance & Financial Advisory and Prescribe appropriate wealth creation advisory services

AI for Retail & Manufacturing

Enhance Customer experience by target marketing, Prevent product returns, Enhance supply chain management, Predict machine failures, Efficient Invoice processing

Industry leaders partnering with GPUonCLOUD to solve unique challenges in the Industry

Join us and solve unique challenges

AI for Healthcare – Skin Cancer Classification

Skin Cancers are common form of cancers in humans. Most of the skin cancers are curable, if detected during early stages. Conventional Biopsy method to detect the skin cancers, involves removing the skin sample and taking it through various laboratory tests – which is painful and time consuming. Clinically, it is difficult to differentiate the malignant melanoma and certain benign skin lesions due to various similarities.

The technological advancements in deep learning for skin lesion classification on dermoscopic images, removal of noise, segmentation, feature extraction, and correct classification leveraging neural network helps addressing the challenge.

Dermoscopic Image input

Input the dermoscopic image in its raw form

Noise Removal

Removal of image clutter, noise and filtration

Segmentation & Feature Extraction

Extraction into lesion & object features

Final Predication

Predication with data-driven approach, additional unknowns of the patient

A survey of pharma and life sciences experts showed that 44% were using AI in their R&D activities. The survey also revealed that AI majorly finds applications in preclinical phases of drug development.

AI for BFSI – Determine Creditworthiness for loan lending

Ideally loans are supposed to be processed & disbursed, basis the confirmatory prediction that the borrower – an individual or the business will payback it with applicable interest. In past, this confirmatory prediction is obtained basis the income, revenue streams along-with the liability and respective FICO / credit scores.

In todays digital world, individuals and businesses digital footprint provides additional real time inputs to predict the creditworthiness for loan lending instead of relying on – only the traditional credit scores and other point in time parameters.

Individual or Business Profile

Input data including Credit/FICO Score

Data Validation and Isolation

Genuineness of data leveraging digital footprint

Profile Risk Analysis 

Analysis from 1000+ customer characteristics, default probability and other useful insights

Go or No-Go

Risk free recommendation to grant or denial from AI model

Innovations enabled by AI, has fuelled the Banking business for growth. As per the recent survey by a leading global management consulting company, banks that implement AI tools could help boost their revenues by 34% by 2022.

The industry 4.0 revolution in industrial technology has been evolving and is inducting significant meaningful value additions from manufacturers to the end consumers!

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GPUONCLOUD platforms are equipped with  associated frameworks  such as Tensorflow, KERAS, MXNet , Caffe etc., featured with scalability from lowest of  5 Teraflops compute performance to multitude of Peta-flops of performance  – allowing customers to choose from wide range of performance scale as applicable to small, medium and large enterprises.

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