GPU Powered Cloud Platforms

GPU as a Service (GaaS) for AI & ML

Graphics Workstations as a Service (GWaaS)

Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS)

Healthcare AI Applications

BFSI AI Applications

Retail AI Applications

Manufacturing & IoT AI Applications

Unleash Next Generation Compute with GPU’s, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence!

Optimize Operational Expenses by >40%

Instantly jumpstart into desired environment for data Science! Platform powered by GPU’s (GaaS & GWaaS) and featured with essentials acceleration layers, AI framework, libraries and datasets…

Enhance goto market timelines by >60%

Artificial intelligence based solutions – solve some of the unique challenges in various industries such as Healthcare, BFSI, Retail & Manufacturing…

Connect to data & get Business Intelligence

Accelerate data handling lifecycle by having automation for data analysis, feature engineering, AI/ML model optimisation, and deploy real-time production ready models…

Improve Productivity & Cloud Spend by >30%

Platform as a Service for faster time to market, simplified deployment method, Pay-as-you-use pricing model, packaged application templates ready for production, Automatic Scaling…

GPU as a Service (GaaS) for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

GPUonCLOUD offers you technology, tools and workflows on a scalable, integrated platform for Data Science. While the technology & tools does its work on the Data Science Platform, your team’s remain focused on the substance of the data science, to achieve predictive and prescriptive analysis for business.With range of options to choose from, the GPUonCLOUD platform provides you options for instant start on the platform with chosen datasets, defined & trained deep learning models to execute for business outcomes.Technology powered stack available at GPUonCLOUD takes care of maintaining the environments required for development, testing and production workflows. Choose from readily available options for the environments to execute the operations instantly.

Optimised Performance for AI & ML

Instant JumpStart Frameworks

OpenGL & DirectX API access and library support, Deep Learning frameworks including TensorFlow, PyTorch, MXNet, Caffe/2, and more…

Industry Specific Platforms

Custom built platforms for Industries such as Healthcare, BFSI, Retail, Manufacturing & IoT AI Applications

Scalability to Peta-flops of Performance

Scale-up and Scale-out multi-GPU performance

GPUonCLOUD Value adds

Enhance goto market time by 60%

Instant Jumpstart frameworks increases the speed and agility of the AI/ML environment with effective and efficient environment lifecycle management

Save more than 35% on OPEX

Access cost effective industry specific GPU powered platforms leveraging next generation virtualisation and containerisation

Demand Elasticity & Productivity Improvements

Not to worry about GPU capacity problems, shared and dedicated GPUs are instantly provisioned

Software development Companies leverage GPUonCLOUD’s AI/ML Cloud Platform to deliver value to their customers.

Join us in value creation for your customers

Innovative and differentiated offerings in Scalable Instant Jumpstart Cloud platform for AI/ML/DL powered by both AMD and NVIDIA GPU’s, while taking care of enterprise class data Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability pertaining to specific industry is the way forward!

Graphics Workstation as a Service (GWaaS)

Time to market is the key factor for product designs – GPUonCLOUD offers the platform with multiple GPU options providing essential speed in simulation of the computer aided designs thereby enhancing the productivity at work.GPUonCLOUD enables enterprises with an option to instantly scale up the design capacity in order to cater to sudden spikes in the demand or to accelerate the design cycle.GPUonCLOUD offers competitive custom built platform to optimise the costs involved in designing, building, upgrading, procuring the high-end workstations for 3D-CAD designs.

GWaaS Solution Highlights

Access Graphics Workstations from any location – Remote access – Work from home solution, add external CAx suppliers, remote sites with 3D support Consolidate & Virtualize GPU Workstations – Quick & Easy Management –  leverage virtualization benefits Migrate and Scale GPU Workstations on Cloud – Achieve Scale & Optimise Cost -Reduce Power Consumption, Heat and Noise in office  

Custom built platform for 3D-CAD

Instant JumpStart Frameworks

Optimised GPU Server platform having 3D-CAD software, Hardware acceleration and pixel based transmission mode.

BOYL Feature

Bring your own license (network) of the 3D-CAD software and port it on the cloud platform to get started

Instant Scalability & effective collaboration

Respond to sudden spurge in 3D-design needs

GPUonCLOUD Value adds

Instant available with virtually zero setup cost

Pre-configured setup ready to start core 3D-design deliverables on the fly

More than 35% OPEX Saving

Access cost effective custom build GPU platforms leveraging next generation virtualisation and containerisation

No CAPEX for unpredicted demand

Leverage GPUonCLOUD’s GPU powered servers for sudden surge in 3D-design needs

Engineering & design companies have scaled up their 3D-design needs with ease along-with GPUonCLOUD to cater to customer demand.

Join us and enable agility for 3D-design demands

In the changing era of big data where data generates revenue and run businesses it has become important to think about implementation of GPU technology. More and more businesses are replacing their only CPU based processing to GPU based architecture.

GPUONCLOUD platforms are equipped with  associated frameworks  such as Tensorflow, KERAS, MXNet , Caffe etc., featured with scalability from lowest of  5 Teraflops compute performance to multitude of Peta-flops of performance  – allowing customers to choose from wide range of performance scale as applicable to small, medium and large enterprises.

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We moved all our applications to GPUonCloud platform including ERP, CRM, Web and Mobile apps. It’s been many months, we are very happy with our decision as we are seeing speed enhancements and also are saving close to 40% of the cost. We thank team GPUonCloud for their excellent support, while migrating the apps and also later in resolving migration issues. Thank you GPUonCloud team for your great support and I recommend GPUoncloud to everyone who is looking for reliable, fast and cost-effective cloud hosting solution.

Mr Sham Dhumal – Director Sales & Marketing, Prognohealth Solutions India Pvt Ltd



Easy to use infrastructure with Tensorflow as default option, however in Azure requires workbench installation to use Machine learning

Mr Bhaskar Reddy – Senior AI Developer, Algotech


Being a software firm, we always think of the Value addition, Cost Reduction and Performance for our customers. We get the same experience from GPUonCloud. They supported us very professionally and served promptly with proper follow-up and guidance. I recommend the services of GPUonCloud to anyone who would like to get Reliable, Cost-effective, Service Friendly Cloud Hosting. I wish them all the best for the future. Aditi IT Solution works for smart city software and likes to do more business with GPUonCloud in the coming future.

Mr. Vikas Sawarkar – CEO, Aditi IT Solutions


Hindi Pathashala logo

The LMS system was found to be extremely user friendly by teachers and students at Hindi Pathashala. The developers worked with us to ensure that all required features were enabled for an optimal learning experience. They also had a very quick turnaround time in getting the platform ready for us to use efficiently. When the world has been grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, you made Hindi Pathashala function smoothly. Keep up with your good work!”

Vidya Sharma – Principle Hindi Pathshala San Antonio




GPUonCLOUD service is best among all vendors! With GPUonCLOUD, we are able to reduce the time to complete our project tasks (AI Product development tasks) faster.

Mr. Ashutosh Saitwal – CEO & Director, Mavenick Consulting