GPUonCLOUD’s Special Affiliate Program

which helps rewarding you with 2-easy options. High paying commissions for new customers every month and steadily growing customers for their entire lifetime!


Enjoy high commission!

We offer the INDUSTRY BEST COMMISSION among the Cloud Providers!


Select your Affiliate Style!

Take it easy with your schedule or have an aggressive style of generating business to achieve TOP AFFILIATE COMMISSION! SELECT YOUR STYLE!

Recurring Commission for Customers!

GPUonCLOUD helps you earn commission for the entire Customers Lifetime. Helps increasing your PASSIVE INCOME!

Dedicated Support!

Dedicated account managers and resources to ensure your HIGH INCOME!


More the Volume better it is!

Monthly Affiliate Income

Earning per Conversion:

1-5 conversions –> Rs. 60 /conversion

6-20 conversions –> Rs. 80 /conversion

21-45 conversions –> Rs. 100 /conversion

46-80 conversions –> Rs. 120 /conversion

81+ conversions –> Rs. 150 /conversion

Let's do the calculation...

If you send 46 conversions a month, then you will get –

Rs 120  x 46 conversions =

Rs. 5520/-  

Performance-based Slabs

Earn up to Rs. 150 per sale based on the Performance Slabs

Double Your Earnings

Bring sales regularly and be a part of high incentives and bonus campaigns

Instant Commissions

Get high commission instantly on every customer you refer. The more you refer the more you earn.

Earning with Consistency

Take advantage if you are an affiliate who can bring customers with consistency.

Flexible Models

Flexibility to move between the plans of your choice, any time. There are no lock-ins.

Works best for

Performance marketers, bloggers & media publishers


Longer the Customer Term Better it is!

Monthly Affiliate Income

Earning - Customer Lifetime:



>1 conversions –> Rs. 30 /conversion




Customer Lifetime Bonus of 10% of Customer Bill every month from Second Month onwards



Let's do the calculation...

If you send 46 conversions a month, then you will get –

One Time A) Rs 30  x 46 conversions = 

Rs. 1380/-  


If 15 of those customers continue next month with Rs. 4000/- bill per month each then..

2nd Month onwards

B) Rs. 400 (10% of bill) x 15 customers =

Rs. 6000/-

every month till customer lifetime

Lifetime Commissions

Earn Rs.30 per sale + 10% lifetime commission

Enjoy High Retention

Earn recurring payouts as long as your referred users stay with us

Flexible Models

Flexibility to move to Slab or Custom Plan at anytime

Value for money

Refer customers with high hosting spending and get rewarded for a lifetime.

Double Your Earnings

Bring sales regularly and be eligible for incentives.

Works Best For

Ideal for bloggers, developers, freelancers, & digital agencies

Become an Affiliate in Three Simple Steps!

You don’t need to fill long forms either wait for any approval call. Join the GPUonCLOUD’s affiliate program instantly.


Step 1


Sign up for our GPUonCLOUD’s account and fill in the required details to access your affiliate panel.

Step 2 


Create affiliate links using our promotional banners, exclusive deals, and seasonal campaigns.

Step 3 


Earn high paying commissions based on the efforts you put into your chosen affiliate plan.

High Paying Affiliate Program That Guarantees Success

Expert guidance and convenience-focused resources at every stage of your affiliate journey.

Affiliate-friendly Tracking System

Our Affiliate cookie lasts for 90 days as we make sure all your sales are properly tracked and you receive the full return for your efforts

Efficient Tracking System

Track different marketing campaigns and channels through advanced affiliates tracking tools such as postback URL and SUBid tracking that let you analyze the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Learn Affiliate marketing

The best hosting affiliate program that equips you with various resources including our onboarding emails and guides, monthly newsletters, blogs, and benchmark articles.

Transparent Rewards Mechanism

Transparency in rewards earned, bonus, incentives and rewards calculations. Instant monthly payments on time.

Detailed Performance Reporting

Access performance reports in your affiliate panel to evaluate the impact and success of your marketing campaigns and affiliate strategies.

Custom Promotion Offers

Get customized offers, landing pages, and promotional banners to scale your affiliate marketing efforts.

Why Promote GPUonCLOUD?

We are uniquely positioned to offer the best web hosting affiliate program with the highest conversion rates!

Multiple Product Options

You get to pick multiple niche product options from GPU powered instance to general purpose instance with standard configurations.

Elastic Scalability

GPUonCLOUD offers automatic scaling enables granular resource allocation (cloudlets) based on the load – both vertically & horizontally.

24/7 Expert Support

Managed support through live chat, ticketing system, along with 200+ detailed knowledge base articles published for self-help with screenshots.


Hassle-free cloud hosting with our 1-Click functionality for managed app migration and managed server and data security.


Turnkey Platform-as-a-System with demanded technologies

A perfect combination of PaaS, Docker hosting, auto scalable VPS and a marketplace with lots of pre-configured applications and clustered solutions (like Magento, WordPress, replicated SQL and NoSQL databases, etc).

Managed Cloud Instances

The platform can be run on any of our cloud infrastructures. We manage everything for you, so you get out-of-the-box, highly customizable solutions that can be adjusted to your specific requirements.

Multi-region support within a single panel

Conquer new markets by creating new regions in remote locations. Meet data security requirements, improve your overall response time and provide a worldwide distribution of applications, disaster recovery and availability through a single panel.

Automatic Integration with WHMCS

To speed up the deployment and the move to production, our GPUonCLOUD’s licenses offer instant integration with WHMCS to automate your billing system.

Built-in monitoring and management tools

A full-featured control panel provides tools for getting instant monitoring alerts, maintenance of the whole cluster, customization and tuning, managing hardware regions and tracking revenue growth, as well as troubleshooting a large variety of issues.

24/7 support

Feel secure knowing that we offer 24/7 support (optional) for our clients. Our trained experts are ready to help you so feel free to contact our technical support team any time of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the volumes reset?
The volumes (# of customers) are reset on the 1st of each month. For instance, if you reach slab 3 by the end of the first month, the slab will automatically reset to slab 1 on the 1st of the second month.
How to change current commission Program?
For this, write to us at from your registered affiliate account email ID and share the details of the desired program you want to opt.  Note that these changes will be applicable from the start of the following month.
Who can become Affiliate? Do I need an account?
Anyone can join the GPUonCLOUD’s Affiliate Program. You will need to create an account with GPUonCLOUD and then register for “affiliate” on our site. Your affiliate account will be created online instantly.
Can I run PPC bid to promote GPUonCLOUD?
We do allow our Affiliates to run PPC Campaigns with a few restrictions. All affiliates have to include “GPUonCLOD” in their negative keyword list and ensure they don’t bid directly on our Brand keywords, also known as TM (Trademark) Bidding. We ONLY allow our affiliates to run TM+ and industry keyword campaigns which means you can run campaigns where you bid on keywords with GPUonCLOUD + {keyword} formats. Examples can be “GPUonCLOUD Review” or bid on industry keywords such as “WordPress Hosting”, “Magento Hosting” – We also don’t allow direct linking unless you have prior written approval from our team.
Where can I see the statistics / my referrals ?
Once you login to your Affiliate account you will see the realtime dashboard with instant updates having all details about referrals such as signup date, product/service, amount, commission, status, commission pending maturation, available commission balance and total amount withdrawn. In case if you can’t find any referral details reflecting then please write to us with the evidence at
Whats the duration for cookie storage?

The maximum duration for cookie storage is 30 days.

Why is the request withdrawal disabled for me?
First withdrawal is possible after 45 days and after accumulating min Rs. 1500 in you affiliate account.

When an affiliate’s balance reaches the affiliate payout amount a request withdrawal button appears on the client’s affiliate page. Once the withdrawal request is submitted then, it will open a ticket to process your withdrawal. Affiliates support team will process the withdrawal as per the payout terms in FAQ of this section.

How do I contact support in case of queries or issues?
You can contact us via our 24/7 Live Chat on our site or send an email to our Affiliate Support team at
Can I use my Affiliate earnings to pay my GPUonCLOUD bills?
Yes, you can add the affiliate earnings to your GPUonCLOUD funds. For this, please write to us at Please note that the minimum threshold for funds transfer is Rs.1500 of approved commission. This is processed along with payouts.
What are the Affiliate program commission payout terms?
Your affiliate commission is paid via options such as online transfer, payment gateways or PayPal once your earnings reach minimum Rs.1500 (approved commission). If you hit this threshold, your earnings will be transferred before the 10th of next month. For this, select your preferred option at the time of starting the affiliate program. We will initiate sample bank transaction into your account to confirm for the first time.

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