We at GPUONCLOUD understand the need of parallel computing in Artificial Intelligence, 3D-CAD and Gaming Industries and have designed special purpose platforms to cater to these industries addressing –
a) Optimized level of performance extraction from the underlying stack of Hardware, GPU’s, OS, Virtualization Layers, and Soft layers essential for respective industries
b) Ease of use on our platforms – a true jumstart to focus on the substance, for business outcomes
c) Varied options to leverage minimum compute power and scalability for the industry leading solutions
d) Competitive pricing compared to well-known service providers
e) Specialized support from experts in respective industries

Any savings expected in our monthly expenditure on cloud platforms similar to this?

Yes. GPUONCLOUD platform savings vary from 25% to 50% based on various compute and GPU based solutions available in the market today. Our solutions & products, optimize maximum performance from underlying hardware and software layers, leading to lower associated costs. Additionally, our costing model is based on usage, with discounted pricing for annual commitments, to fuel further savings.

Is there any price discount for annual committed usage of GPUONCLOUD platforms and its products?

Yes. Every product and solution offers discounts for the annual committed usage of the service on GPUONCLOUD. Our product pricing is built accordingly.

Do you offer the GPUONCLOUD platforms, and its products in other countries, other than India?

Yes. Our platforms are accessible from any locations. For pricing in other currencies please contact sales@gpuoncloud.com